Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review

I think I got into Monster Prom last year because it looked like a great, goofy game to play around Halloween. And in a way, I was right: Monster Prom is what the title implies. It’s a dating sim/visual novel set in a high school populated by monsters of all kinds. But what sets Monster […]

Fallen Angel Review

Fallen Angel has wicked pixel art designs and fun if not, somewhat unbalanced combat where you will be decimating enemies with ease with your plethora of guns and devil abilities.

Crown Trick Review

Aid Elle in escaping the Nightmare Realm through a roguelike adventure, featuring a sentient crown and a pair of teleporting boot.

Toonstruck Review

If Roger Rabbit got a video game, Toonstruck would be it. Mature in themes and childish in visuals, this game is the ultimate surreal nostalgia trip.

Desperados III Review

Desperados III makes you the architect of destruction, giving you the freedom to intricately weave together moments of tightly crafted mayhem.

Art Of Rally Review

From the soundtrack to the menu, every part of Art of Rally has been meticulously tailored to provide a zen-like experience that is unparalleled in top-down racers. Art of Rally is a stylized experience that is not to be missed.

Star Renegades Review

Star Renegades is some of the best gosh darn Tactical RPG’ing you’ll be playing since Into the Breach and Cosmic Star Heroine.

Minoria Review

Minoria is short, sweet, and to the point, with no filler to keep you from purging the heretics and saving the kingdom of Ramezia from its doom.

Aragami Review

Aragami strives to be the ninja stealth game everyone has always wanted, but how well does it deliver on that goal?

Witcheye Review

A colorful and great-sounding platformer with a twist, Witcheye’s debut on the big(ger) screens is a welcome one for anyone who’s looking for a quick, charming adventure.

Over the Alps Header

Over the Alps Review

Over the Alps is a classic Choose Your Own Adventure game where you take on the role of a British spy in Switzerland as Nazi Germany prepares for war.

KUNAI Review

Kunai is a very enjoyable movement based action platformer that rewards you with fluid and fast movement as long as you are willing to master the myriad of weapons it gives you.

Frog Detective Review

As one of the top two detectives in the precinct, it’s up to Frog Detective to solve a pair of eery mysteries, armed with nothing but his magnifying glass.


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