We are Arcade Theory – Quarters ain’t cheap.

The best compliment you can give a game is a well-written review–and your money. That’s what we at Arcade Theory believe. We’ll do the former so that you can spend your time busting your wallet for us. We are primarily known for running r/GiftofGames, a charitable subreddit dedicated toward helping members of the gaming community unable to afford their own games. We hope to cover a wide variety of video games.

Daniel Stevens

Video games make me forget about my inevitable death for a couple hours.

Brandon Hsu

Supposed staff writer. Alleged alcoholic. Declared degenerate.

Francisco Lima

Editor-in-chief. Coffee enthusiast and recovering DotA player. Now spends most of his gaming time on single-player games of all sorts.

Arvind Nair

Broken controllers but not broken dreams. Only vapes to let off a little steam.

Bernard Oakley

Professionally amateur WebDev. Would rather play Minecraft than fix our website.

Maura Calliope

Staff writer. The only one that’s actually qualified for this. “Interesting” taste in games.

Carla De Freitas

Finger lickin’ good.

Cassandra Jaya

Editor. Writer. Bread enjoyer.