Among Trees Early Access Review

Ever felt like you needed a break from all the stresses of the city and all the responsibilities that comes with it? Just leave everything and find yourself a peaceful spot in the wild where you can take it easy and relax. That’s the feeling Among Trees has given me. For a “survival” exploration/adventure game, it offers a pretty nice time in nature.

When you first start your game, you have two different modes available. Your first option is the regular mode where you can encounter dangerous animals such as bears. (Those appear to be broken for the moment as their range of detection is insane, and you have no way to survive an attack.) Your second option is to set the game in Zen mode which disables them. Then you can set your difficulty, meaning it will be easier or harder for you to find resources. (Even on hard the game is … kind of easy to survive in.) That being said, I feel like the game is barely a survival game since it’s too easy to find what you need, but as an exploration game it is very good.

The game’s aesthetics are amazing. The artstyle makes the environment very warm and inviting. The colors are pretty and make the woods look peaceful. The music and ambient sounds follow the same idea. You can hear the birds chirping, the wind in the trees and the rivers flowing. You will also see animals run and fly around such as bunnies, birds, deer and other animals, as you walk around the forest. That makes it a good immersive experience.

As for the gameplay, it is pretty basic for the most part. The game has a nice set of crafting items and upgrades for your cabin. All you have to do is adventure into the woods to find everything you need. You will need some tools as you get further in the game to find some of the ingredients from the recipes, like an axe, pickaxe and fishing rod. You’ll want to get a map and compass for easier navigation, but your cabin is always marked so you can’t get lost. The map is big but you can’t venture too far until you get the tent and campfire as you’ll want to make your way back to the cabin before nightfall.

For the most part, I really enjoyed the game. It is still in early access and I’m interested in what is going to become of the game. I had a really nice and peaceful time, and it helped me relax as I am oftentimes stressed out by my daily life. I recommend this game, but I also would recommend waiting for the game to be updated some more times before getting it. It is impressive what only three people can do, because yes, only three are working on Among Trees for the moment. Perhaps, if this game takes off, their studio will expand and, with more people, there will come more games like this one.

The game will also have a Steam release that’s still TBD but can be found here.

You can also find Among Trees in early access on the Epic store here.

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