Among Us Review

If you have ever played Town of Salem with your friends, you probably know how exciting it can be when years of friendship and trust gets thrown out the window over a party game with lies, doubt, and deception at its heart. Among Us takes the same concept and fleshes it out into a much more versatile and engaging game that certainly lives up to the hype it has gathered recently.

Trust no one.

Here’s how it plays out: You disembark on a mission to one of three maps as a Crew of up to 10 players clad in shiny space suits. As a Crewmate, your job is to do the various tasks assigned to you which are spread out across the map. Gather information using equipment such as motion sensor logs, security cameras and the admin panel, each located in their respective rooms, all the while keeping an eye on your fellow Crewmates, reporting anything suspicious to ultimately find the Imposter(s) or finish the mission as a team for a Crewmates’ win.

As an Imposter, you have to blend in with the Crewmates to avoid suspicion by pretending to do fake tasks, as you wait for the opportunity to strike and kill off the Crewmates one by one. The Imposter also has unique abilities such as Sabotage to temporarily disable various systems or lock off the doors to specific rooms as well as using vents to move through the map quickly. Most importantly, the Imposter will have to be clever enough to play mind games with the Crewmates, planting seeds of doubt to confuse them and leave them utterly clueless.

Judge, jury and executioner.

Whenever someone reports a dead body or if one of the Crewmates slams the emergency meeting button, the game enters the discussion phase where Crewmates can exchange information and decide on what course of action they should take moving forward as a team. Keep in mind, this is the only period in the game where any communication takes place. Of course, this also means that it’s the perfect time for the Imposter(s) to sow discord and attempt to throw off the Crewmates in whichever way possible. The discussions end with the voting phase where everyone can cast their votes on whoever they doubt to be an Imposter, or choose to skip the vote. If a Crewmate is wrongly accused and gets voted out, they can no longer take part in the upcoming discussions but can still continue helping out as a ghost, completing tasks to help the Crew. Well, until everyone dies or the Crewmates win, that is.

A perfect party package.

What makes Among Us even more compelling is how accessible and versatile it is. Parties can be hosted either locally or online with a wide range of custom options to tweak several aspects of the game and, of course, cosmetics for your avatar. The game also comes in a very small package that can pretty much run on any system and can be played by almost anyone including that one guy who thinks Candy Crush is peak gaming. Overall, Among Us is a solid game with no apparent flaws other than server issues (for NA, as of the time of writing), some minor bugs, and perhaps, the lack of an in-game voice chat feature. It definitely has the potential to remain fresh for quite a while, especially in times like these, with continued support from the developers adding more maps and features to the game. So just get the game, grab some friends, chill out and enjoy the mayhem.

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