Fallen Angel Review

Fallen Angel is a platformer/action RPG game that has you playing as Lucifer, if he was an edgy science experiment gone wrong and dresses like Deadpool found little Red Riding Hood’s wardrobe. Deadpool Lucifer takes on the Archangels in his war against God in this completely factual retelling of the famous bible story.

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell

The game starts you off on a stranded beach where the sky is coated in red and the air is so hot and dry causing the trees to shake in pain. One can guess that you are in purgatory on the edge of the gates of Hell where only Lucifer can handle the stress of the environment with no ill effects. The game soon teaches you the controls which give you a basic attack, jump, and dash. The pixel art, UI, and combat all feel very reminiscent of Hyper Light Drifter where you start as a fairly weak protagonist with few abilities but quickly grow to Godhood levels. Lucifer gets a huge arsenal of weapons and abilities that are found scattered about in each section, with prayer tablets giving you the choice of multiple abilities to gain new skills that drastically change your combat skills.

It’s these upgrades and weapons that elevate the game from starting as a simple button masher to chaining together huge aerial combos similar to Devil May Cry. I’m surprised they didn’t add a style rating letting you know how badass you are and I personally feel it would have been a welcome addition to go along with the combat.

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When you’re in hell, only a devil can point the way out

Fallen Angel is completely open world with no gated sections allowing you the freedom to explore in any direction you so choose. It’s an interesting choice since some areas clearly have enemies that are clearly more difficult to face having magical shields that block your attacks and stun lock you with ease. This freedom can be a bit overwhelming as there is no wrong answer here, nobody is here to guide you, not even a little skelly hinting where to go a la Dark Souls. This is also compounded by the level design which can be a little jarring to navigate at times as you mainly go through huge vast open fields with very little obstacles that typically tend to subtly guide you to go where you’re needed to go.

Luckily, unlike Dark Souls, your dash ability is easy to abuse and very spammable which I will happily oblige to doing so since dashing is my favourite ability. And once you gain skills that allow your dash to do damage along with an item that leaves a trail of flames in the direction you dash, you will quickly become the Beyblade harbinger of doom, bringing spinning death to all who stand in your way.

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We have never heard the devil’s side of the story, God wrote all the book

Fallen Angel is light on lore, giving you very small tidbits of it through flavour text by examining items and through direct dialogue choices when facing archangel bosses at the end of each area. I found myself wanting to learn more about the universe and how these specific worlds each archangel resides in work and why they chose to live there, such as why Raphael lives in a night club hosting daily parties and how Lucifer stole Deadpool’s outfit without anyone noticing.

The boss designs are unique and extremely detailed, if not somewhat hilarious in the context of being archangels from the bible. Archangel Akraisel is a Mexican robot bounty hunter, outfitted with a cyberpunk Colt Action revolver and a samurai sword of all things. God knows why an archangel happens to shadow as a bounty hunter in his spare time but it sure makes for more interesting gospel verses. Each boss design is heavily influenced by the areas they reside in, which helps create a theme but it’s hard to find a real cohesive connection of why each area is so drastically different with the little lore given in game.

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I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood

All in all, Fallen Angel has wicked pixel art designs and fun, if somewhat unbalanced combat where you will be decimating enemies with ease with your plethora of guns and devil abilities. The game is hampered by its level design and lack of in game lore to explain why most of God’s angels are as cyberpunk as they are and how all of these worlds are connected by design. If you can look past this, Fallen Angel is a fun albeit short romp that will have you setting aerial records that even Jigglypuff mains would be jealous of.

Fallen Angel can be purchased on Steam.

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