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Hyper Scape Tech Test Impressions

If you’re a fan of Battle Royale, you’ll want to read this. We got our hands on a technical test key to try Hyper Scape out. This new BR from Ubisoft brings a new atmosphere to the genre in a retrofuturistic arena. Like most BR games you’ll be joining a squad of up to three players or going solo.

Skills, called “hacks”, are scattered throughout the map and can be picked up multiple times to fuse together and upgrade them. You can always carry two different ones; some offensive, some defensive. The same pattern applies for the weapons, those are not so diversified but you have at least one of each type. You have a training room to try them all so that you can see what your preference is. For now, I feel like some of the weapons are not well balanced, such as the Hexfire minigun and the Skybreaker rocket launcher (as of the patch on 07/07 these weapons have been nerfed). You can also find already maxed out perks and weapons throughout the map in supply caches.

Power up screenshot

The map also works differently from other BR. Instead of staying inside a circle that gets smaller and smaller, sections of the arena will collapse randomly until there’s just a small area available to fight your opponents. You will have to quickly run out of the collapsing areas to avoid taking damage.

As a matter of gameplay, it features very high mobility compared to other shooters. You’ll want to sprint and use hacks such as slam and teleport to navigate Neo Arcadia. This can make it harder on players that aren’t used to having such high mobility, but is also balanced by having a longer time-to-kill compared to other games as well. The game also features no inventory management. All you need to worry about is finding two weapons and hacks with ammo spread generously around the map.

Example of a hack on a weapon

Also, death isn’t final in Hyper Scape as long as you have a teammate that’s still alive. When you die, you turn into an “echo” that can freely run around the map and act as a scout for your still living teammates to guide them towards revive stations. You can also tag enemies on your way there. Revive stations are either found randomly on the map or appear where an enemy died.

Waiting for a squadmate to revive

The game will be free-to-play and will offer a battle pass which will feature character customization, so it is probably safe to assume that there will be lots of microtransactions for skins and other customization options such as emotes and sprays. Needless to say, Ubisoft will find a way to get to your wallet one way or the other.

I truly believe that Ubisoft managed to branch out from the other games already out in the genre by innovating in terms of aesthetics and mechanics in Hyper Scape. It’s a good change that only makes the genre even more attractive. I am looking forward to the possible beta release later this month. Hopefully other players will feel the same way and the game will be a huge success. This could be your next favorite BR on the market.

Keep an eye out for more information on July 12th when Ubisoft hosts their Ubisoft Forward event.

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