Keylocker shows classes in new trailer

Descriptive title, isn’t it? To situate you a bit better: Keylocker is the upcoming turn-based RPG by Moonana, the same people who made the quirky and difficult Virgo Versus the Zodiac. The four classes shown are the Sequencer, Hacker, Juggernaut, and Samurai. Each of them seem to have different QTE types and, according to the video description, will feature branching classes, unique skill trees, and exclusive headgears.

Keylocker is set on Saturn, where music has been made illegal for over a century. Characters look as expressive as in the developer’s previous game, and the Cyberpunk setting—hopefully/apparently taken beyond the now common approach of just slapping neon lights and calling it a day—makes for some interesting dressing over its Mario & Luigi RPG inspired gameplay. You can check out its trailers below (Reveal, Gameplay, and Classes, in that order):

It’s certainly got style. Keylocker started development earlier this year, in March, and has no release date announced yet. You can find it on Steam here.

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