I think I got into Monster Prom last year because it looked like a great, goofy game to play around Halloween. And in a way, I was right: Monster Prom is what the title implies. It’s a dating sim/visual novel set in a high school populated by monsters of all kinds. But what sets Monster Prom apart from the other dating sims is it’s multiplayer function: friends can compete with each other to win a certain monster’s affections or just have fun taking in various scenarios together! Well, to quote a scenario from the original Monster Prom:

“Up to four friends select dynamic human avatars and compete to win the affections of one of six quirky humans!”

Replace “human” with “monster”, and that’s Monster Prom!

The company behind this wacky experience, Beautiful Glitch, released the anticipated sequel only days ago. Like its predecessor, Monster Camp is a multiplayer dating sim set in a monster-verse. Unlike the previous game, this one is set at a summer camp. Well, sort of. You see:

Monster Camp has five different “games” under one title. The first story is closest to the title: the player(s) are at a summer camp with six sexy monsters and have three weeks to ask one of them to watch a romantic meteor shower together. The second scenario, titled “Monster Retreat”, focuses on a friendly rivalry between two characters from the original game: the gorgon Vera and the mermaid princess Miranda. The third one, “Monster Roadtrip”, chronicles the crazy misadventures of lovable werewolf Scott and the party girl ghost Polly. The fourth story is untitled, but vampire Liam and Eldrich cutie Zoe will be the stars. The fifth one is titled “Monster Prom Reverse”, and it stars the four monsters that the players have the option of playing. It seems like players will be able to romance the characters that they’ve used in the past!

“Wow, that’s a lot of content! This sounds like so much fun!” “As a fan of Monster Prom, I’m so excited to play all of these scenarios and see everything there is to see!” “Expositional yet pointless dialogue!” These are the kinds of things I was thinking when I booted up my copy of Monster Camp for the first time. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t learned the truth, which is: only the first of the five stories is currently available to play. The other four will be implemented in future updates. 

The largest issue that the game currently faces is that it’s incomplete. Aside from the four scenarios, there’s other content that’s missing: one of the highlights of Monster Prom was the character gallery that displayed images from the secret endings and character art. The gallery is incomplete at the moment and the voice acting is inconsistent. For me, this is somewhat disappointing: I’d rather have everything be available at once than have to wait for major updates. But I understand that good things come to those who wait, and I believe that the rest of the game will be worth waiting for.

Although Monster Camp is missing a lot of content and will have to go through a lot of updates in the future, the game is not without charm and fun. In the game’s wonderful animated credits sequence, a message appears in the cyborg Calculester’s head, which reads, “A good review means a lot to us!” Well, if the developers are reading this, I hope you found it helpful, and to the gamers looking for a weird, slightly spooky and mostly goofy game to play on Halloween, I hope you check out Monster Camp!

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